The Name of the Doctor is, at the time of writing, the most recent episode to have been broadcast. It finds the Doctor entering his own tomb, at Trenzalore. It is an ending cast as the beginning of a new chapter and the finale of Series 7. Amy and Rory are very much in the past and the Doctor has been puzzling over his new companion, the engaging and resourceful Clara. Like many of the Doctor’s companions, 1 she has lost her father early in life. She now works as a nanny, occasionally bringing the children along on adventures and underlining the fairy tale Peter Pan or Mary Poppins feel that has run through some of Steven Moffat’s period in charge of the show. Clara is tagged “the impossible girl” because, as the Doctor has realised, she crops up at different points in history (and so in his adventures). Unlike other humans, Clara has many lives (unbeknown to her), across the centuries—and always crossing the Doctor’s path.