Applying research findings in the real world of mental health and social care is rare. It is unusual for staff to be aware of the relevant and most recent findings from psychotherapy research in constructing the most beneficial therapeutic community/ environment/atmosphere as well as being aware of the best research-driven guidelines as to how to speak to a patient as an individual and to groups. Often staff are applying theoretically driven ideas only (particularly in the case of psychoanalytic interventions) or are relying on anecdotal accounts of what they believe works best. What I will do in this chapter is review the relevant research in creating therapeutic atmospheres (including therapeutic communities) through individual and group therapeutic interventions as they apply to working with people with severe mental illness. For individual and group interventions, I will offer a RIG (research informed guideline) which professionals can keep in mind when constructing a therapeutic atmosphere, conducting a small or large group, or speaking individually to people with severe mental illness.