Molly, aged ten, had had a difficult first hour in after school club. Within ten minutes of arriving she had argued with another girl over a packet of sweets which had led to someone pushing someone else causing them to career into the drinks table! Molly’s playworker insisted she helped to clear up the mess. Molly felt blamed unfairly and argued over helping with the clearing up, but reluctantly began to swill apple juice round the floor in a dilatory manner. This enraged her playworker, who could see the mess was growing rather than reducing, and there was another flareup. And so it continued throughout the session, until home time, when the playworkers felt Molly should really be made to “toe the line” and do her share of going home tasks. The more Molly protested the more insistent her playworker became that the tasks were done, until eventually Molly grabbed her coat, spun her on heels and turned at the door to announce, “Well, thanks for sending me home stressed.”