Aluminium profiled sheeting has been used for the roofing of industrial, commercial and agricultural buildings for many years. The earliest examples, at a time when aluminium was a relatively new material trying to break into markets held by other materials, were copies of corrugated iron designs. The sinusoidal pattern so popular with corrugated iron reigned supreme. Since then aluminium roofing has moved much more ‘up market’ in many senses -its profiled shapes are more varied and purpose-designed to accommodate the strength and rigidity characteristics of aluminium; it is provided in many designs including special secret-fix varieties and it is available in a range of thicknesses and finishes. The use of prepainted material is a current-day standard, with mill-finish metal generally used only on non-visible areas. Applications too, have broadened dramatically in scope, ranging from power stations to leisure centres, airport terminals, office buildings and mosques.