Ed does not like to waste time studying if he doesn’t have to. He tries to be efficient with his time. Instead of going to boring lectures, he watches the lectures online on his laptop at home, running them at 2X speed. This way it takes him half the time to listen to the instructor’s words of wisdom, although they are so high-pitched they sound a little bit like they are being spoken by a chipmunk. As he listens, he writes down pieces of the instructor’s statements word-for-word in his notebook, allocating one or two pages for each lecture. Next, he gives himself one minute per page for reading the textbook, using his handy yellow marker to highlight anything that catches his fancy as he skims along. When it is time to study for an exam, he looks over the notes in his notebook and the underlined material in his textbook. Ed’s efficient study style has earned him the nickname of Fast Eddie among his friends, but he wears that name as a badge of honor.