As part of the requirements for her major, Mindy is required to enroll in the dreaded course Introduction to Statistics, which is scheduled to begin this week. All through high school, Mindy avoided taking higher-level math classes because in her words, “I am just not good in math.” She even developed a math motto: “I don’t hate math, math hates me.” Now, what is she supposed to do? She tried to convince her school counselor that she should not have to take the course at all, especially since she certainly will not take additional optional courses in statistics. Faced with being forced to take this daunting statistics course, Mindy figures she will just sit through class and read the book, without spending too much time on it. She has convinced herself that no matter how hard she works in the course, she will not do very well so she should use her limited time to study for other courses that she can excel at. After all, statistics is just one course she has to take, so she will just focus on working hard in other courses for which she is better suited.