From the reports of the stepmothers, social workers and teachers, there are four salient points which have implications for social work practice. First, women are positioned as weaker family members in Hong Kong Chinese families holding traditional values. The stepmothers are doubly jeopardized because of their gender, and because of cultural stereotyping and negative social attitudes. Second, the paternal kin, especially the mothers-in-law in stepfamilies, are powerful. The latter intervene in child management and create family relationship problems. Third, the fathers in stepfamilies are disengaged in parenting. They do not support their wives in child care. Their wives felt maritally dissatisfied. Finally, the children in stepfamilies have not been given any help to cope with their emotional difficulties arising from the loss, separation, divorce and remarriage of their parents. There are potential risks that the children will develop emotional and family relationship problems.