In the previous chapter, we explored the paired samples t-test using a made-up example and some fabricated data. In this chapter, we will present several examples of published research that used the paired samples t-test. We should note that, in these examples, the simulated data provided in the online resources will not produce the exact result of the published study. However, they will reproduce the essence of the finding – so don't be surprised to look up the published study and see somewhat different results. 1 For each sample, we encourage you to:

Use your library resources to find the original, published article. Read that article and look for how they use and talk about the t-test.

Visit this book's online resources and download the datasets that accompany this chapter. Each dataset is simulated to reproduce the outcomes of the published research. (Note: the online datasets are not real human subjects data but have been simulated to match the characteristics of the published work.)

Follow along with each step of the analysis, comparing your own results with what we provide in this chapter. This will help cement your understanding of how to use the analysis.