Some of the genres in this chapter may be written by graduate students, but are likely to have substantial input from a professor before submission. Grant proposals contain many of the components of research articles, but also include detailed costs and timelines. Frequently they state more than one goal, some that can be achieved quickly and others that will take longer, to facilitate both reporting of progress and filing for extensions. Careful attention must be given to the goals and criteria of the granting agency. Short papers, also called letters or brief reports, are written on hot topics in a field and therefore frequently lack the importance and need components. Space limitations mean that the current research details and testing methods are often mentioned only briefly, the focus being on the results. Review articles, also called survey articles, will explain and evaluate several models or approaches, but lack all the components associated with primary research, including the research goal, although the goal of the review will be stated. Book chapters and popular writing are more likely to be undertaken by experienced researchers and are quite varied depending on the audience and purpose.