When a person “gets lost” in telling his or her own story, what may seem like ten minutes can turn out to be an hour. This time distortion indicates trance. Such spontaneous trance can be facilitated especially when the listener/therapist shows an interest in listening and is reflective in making yes-set comments, i.e. comments to which the client can consistently answer, “Yes, that’s right.” Such spontaneous trance is common in a therapy session and is a sign of a good and focused session. The yes-set facilitates trance in the processes of free association, the use of one’s imagination, and guided imagery. These experiences are quite useful to uncover the dysfunctional ways of thinking and lead the client in experiencing the healthier ways of thinking. Encouraging a client to remain in bed in a state of waking morning reverie to review dreams can also provide important revelations. In addition to the continuation of the case studies of Amy and Molly, a case study of Matt begins.