On the basis of the observations in Chapter 5, this chapter provides an account of some constructions containing clitics: three types of clausal connective (CC) constructions. Section 6.1 deals with nominalizer constructions, which are generally called “gerund phrase constructions.” They have both nominal and verbal properties. Their dual nature is handled under a phrase structure grammar framework, in consideration of constructions such as “light verb constructions” and “concord adverb constructions.” Section 6.2 examines adnominalizer constructions, namely adnominal clauses. Although they are usually assumed to be relative clauses, it is argued, in comparison with clausal participle constructions, that they cannot be. Eventually they are analyzed as general adnoun phrases. Section 6.3 discusses a subtype of adverbializer constructions: [ … V-ko iss-] expressions. These expressions show very complicated phenomena because they realize at least three different constructions. It is shown that we can analyze CC constructions effectively by capturing the properties of the clitics involved correctly.