More celebrated as an Italian poet than Politian, is Luigi Pulci, author of “Morgante Maggiore.” Very little is known of his private history. There were three brothers of this family, which is one of the most ancient in Florence, since it carried back its origin to one of the French families who settled in that city in the time of Charlemagne: their fortunes, however, were decayed. Bernardo, the elder, wrote an elegy on Cosimo de’ Medici; and another very sweet and graceful sonnet on the death of Simonetta, whom Giuliano de’ Medici loved. He translated the Eclogues of Virgil into Italian, and wrote other pastoral poetry.aEt vox dulcius insonat.Nunc muta omnia!Nunc surda omnia!“Quis dabit capiti meoAquam? quis oculis meisFontem lachrymarum dabit?Ut nocte fleam,Ut luce fleam.Sic turtur viduus solet,Sic cygnus moriens solet,Sic luscinia conqueri.Heu, miser, miser!O, dolor, dolor!”