The other children continued playing with the same cheerfulness, and they became quite merry when they drew out the forfeits. One held the forfeit over the head of another, who mentioned some droll thing, which the owner was to do to redeem it. Sometimes they were obliged to turn into rhyme what they had just said, and to fill up verses after the rhymes, or last words in each line, had been written down with a pencil; or to find out some resemblance in two things which appeared to be very different; for instance, between a carp and a lark; others were commanded to receive some good advice from each of their playmates; thus was the amusement varied. As they were civil, good-natured children, / they took care not to say any thing, even in joke, which could offend the rest. Endeavouring to please each other, they were so pleased themselves, that they grew more and more delighted with their sports, and every moment furnished a new subject to joke and laugh at.