It now grew late in the evening, and the Curate, with reason, supposed that his guests must by this time be very hungry. He requested his wife to let them quickly have something to eat; this was soon done, she brought out all that her pantry contained. It was not much; but all was good of its kind, and produced with such neatness and order, that the whole company sat down with a sharp appetite, and would have enjoyed their meal, if they had not been interrupted just as they began to eat. John’s room was over the parlour, and they heard such loud groans suddenly issue from it, that they hastily rose, and all ran anxiously to ask what was the matter? / What he wanted? Ah! my poor wife, my poor children! what will they think when they find I do not come home to night! If they hear of my quarrel, and if they do not hear that I am still alive – what will become of them!