People, like myself, of lively imaginations, may have often felt that change of place suddenly extinguishes, or gives a new direction to the ardour of their enthusiasm. Such persons may, therefore, naturally suspect, that, as ‘my steps retire from Cam’s smooth margin,’ 43 my enthusiasm for my learned rabbi might gradually fade away; and, that on my arrival in London, I should forget my desire to become acquainted with the accomplished Spanish Jew. But it must be observed, that, with my mother’s warmth of imagination, I also had, I will not say, I inherited, some of my father’s ‘intensity of will.’ Some of that firmness of adhesion to a preconceived notion / or purpose, which in a good cause is called resolution, in a bad cause obstinacy; and which is either a curse or a blessing to the possessor, according to the degree or habit of exercising the reasoning faculty, with which he may be endowed.