The following four pieces, unpublished by De Quincey, are held by Georgetown University Library, Special Collections Division (Miscellaneous Manuscripts Collection). Each consists of a single leaf of white paper, written in black ink: item I measures 183 by 221 mm; II, 189 by 232 mm; III, 186 by 233 mm; and IV, 186 by 228 mm. There are no dated watermarks. Each leaf has writing on both sides except for IV, which is written on recto only. The opening section of the first piece, down to ‘writer’s own powers’, along with the penultimate sentence on 1 v., has been crossed through in what appears to be the hand of A. H. Japp (apparently in preparation for publication). All of item IV apart from the footnote has been similarly crossed through. Misleadingly, Japp has attached this footnote, on Bunjil-carno, to a letter mentioning the subject, written by De Quincey to his daughter Margaret on 23 February 1847 (Japp (1890), p. 257).