‘Sure what a stormy night it is! Larda help us, Mr. Mac Allain,’ said the nurse, as she wrapped her thick cloth mantle over the sweet slumberer that fondled in her bosom, and got into a post-chaise and four23 with much trepidation and difficulty. ‘I never saw the like! there’s wind enough to blow us into the sea, and sea enough to deluge the land. The Holy Virgin, and all the saints protect us!’ Gerald Mac Allain having with some trouble secured the reluctant and loquacious matron, now returned for another and a dearer charge, who, trembling and penitent, followed him to the carriage. ‘Farewell, my kind preserver,’ said Calantha, her voice scarcely audible. ‘God bless, God protect you, / dear lady,’ said the old man in bitter grief. ‘Take care of Henry.b Tell my father that I have been led to this step by utter despair. Let no one suspect your friendly aid. Lord Avondale, though he may refuse to see me, will not be offended with the kind hearts that had pity on my misfortunes.’ ‘God bless you, dear lady,’ again reiterated the old man, as the carriage drove swiftly from the gates.