To that heartless mass of affectation, to that compound of every new and every old absurdity, to that subservient spiritlessa world of fashion, Lady Avondale was now for the first time introduced. It burst at once upon her delighted view, like a new paradise of unenjoyed sweets – like a fairy kingdom peopled with ideal inhabitants. Whilst she resided at Monteith and Castle Delaval, she had felt an eager desire to improve her mind; study of every sort was her delight, for he who instructed her was her lover – her husband; one smile, fromb him could awaken every energy – one frown, repress every feeling of gaiety,c for every word he uttered amused and pleased;d she learned with more aptness than a school-boy:e and he who wondered at the quickness of his pupil, forgot to ascribe her exertions and success to the power which alone occasioned them – a power which conquers every difficulty and endures every trial.