The Paradox wave is the simultaneous explosion of opposites.

Despite the widespread adoption of purpose, diversity, and inclusion into the business world, in the People wave we are also seeing a rise in global ethnocentricity, particularly in the political arena, with many modern countries polarising. The “Overton window” (the term used to describe what is acceptable to say and debate) has moved backward in the last few years. People are saying things now that were last considered “acceptable” 80-plus years ago.

Yet, at the same time, we are on the brink of a real breakthrough in human consciousness.

These and many other paradoxes reveal that we are simultaneously at a point of emergency and emergence. HR 6.0 will bring huge benefits to any company that reaches it. Any leader or employee who does the work individually and collectively to climb the developmental ladder to the HR 6.0 world view will see further and be capable of far greater insight and innovation. They will be able to handle increasing complexity with ease – just as well, considering the world is accelerating towards an uncertain robotic AI future.