After divorcing Leo Castelli in 1960, Ileana Castelli married a dealer named Michael Sonnabend. They settled in Paris and, two years later, opened a gallery. Warhol showed his Disaster paintings there in January 1964. To the press he announced that painting bored him. "My real interest right now is movies," he said. "I make a movie every day." That was almost literally true. After some arch experiments with a 16-mm Bolex, Warhol settled on his cinematic technique: mount the camera on a tripod, point it, let it run. His subjects included the shoulder of the dancer Lucinda Childs, Emile de Antonio drinking a bottle of whiskey, and the face of a young man getting a blow job. In Couch (1964), the camera stares at the Factory couch, where Malanga, a woman, and another man demonstrate sex acts. Lighting is harsh, film quality is poor, there is no sound.