Under present circumstances there are two possible alterations in the situation of the interriverine area that could be expected to lead to significant changes in the way of life of the Rahanweyn in the immediate future. Whether or not they actually will induce change, and whether or not the changes will be in the direction that would be predicted by those orchestrating change in this agropastoral society is the focus of this chapter. Because the society of the Rahanweyn is complex, because knowledge of their socioeconomic system is far from perfect, and because the conceptual tools for predicting change of any society are rudimentary, this discussion, to some degree, must be speculative. It is not, however, based merely on ideas of what might or might not come to pass. Rather, it derives from knowledge of great variations in situations and conditions that exist across the interriverine area. As far as possible it reflects the present state of knowledge about the Rahanweyn and their responses to changing circumstances that have taken place in the recent past.