Your advantage in reading this chapter could be your readiness for a 1st impression that seems a good idea, only to be followed at once with a 2nd impression that it is a very bad idea. Immediate reversals are very common. Here is an example. I dreamed that I was being made the steward of a beautiful trout stream and a beautiful wooden house. Such a gift! At once, I saw that the house was indefensible. Already crazy people were firing up the fireplace as if they owned it. I told them to get out. Is this a good idea? Not really. They would be back in no time to burn down the house in revenge. This is a double take (Michael Hoyt, personal communication), a reversal at once that saves you from taking a dubious gift. The shadow is there to be seen, sometimes, if you are alert to it. Freud (1910) called these primal words that contain their opposite, such as sanction to approve of versus sanction to punish (Michael Hoyt, personal communication).