After the voyage of Affonso G-onsalves, recounted in Chapter VI., nothing noteworthy occurred for three or four years. Two ships set out for those parts, but one returned on account of bad weather, and the other went only to the Rio d'Ouro for the skins and oil of sea-calves, and, having completed their cargo, returned home. In this year, as has been seen, Prince Henry went over to Tangier, and therefore was too fully occupied to send any more ships to the west coast. In the year 1438 the disturbances consequent on the death of Dom Duarte (on the 9th of September at Thomar) called imperatively for the Prince's presence, and he lost sight of everything else in his efforts to remedy the dangers and troubles in which the country had become involved. In the year 1440 two caravels were fitted out for the west coasts, but the voyage was an utter failure.