This chapter titled Semantic Canvas: Mind and World abides the diversified passages of internalism and externalism. The internalists originate their way from the language to the thought by upholding a mentalese stance synchronized by some well-known internalists like Chomsky, Fodor, Jackson and Devitt. They revisit the mind-world interaction in relation to the intentional mental content and conceptual role semantic that represent things to be. The philosophical ramification of externalism constructs an expedition from the language to the world for defending the language, social understanding and the meaning as a social content. The externalists (Putnam and Burge) rebuff the museum myths of psychological content, innateness, and conceptual role semantic to consider meanings as an extension hooked with the world and the linguistic practices. Language-based externalism transmits the progression of language as a social phenomenon, where the description about the terms looks content specific that cannot be resolute intrinsically.