The three elements – Balkanization, the Great Illusion, and the plutocracy – are referred to here as feudal structures. In this chapter, we will describe, analyze, and discuss these elements individually and in interaction with each other.

The main question being investigated here is, what structures and processes are promoting and boosting feudal capitalism?

We have answered this question by describing, analyzing, and discussing three topics:

Balkanization, where we investigated the dismantling of democracy.

The Great Illusion, where the argument is that what benefits the wealthy also benefits the poor. To achieve this situation, the focus is moved to the free market. The reality is that the free market is strongly controlled, and freedom in this market only exists in economics textbooks. Practical experience indicates the opposite.

The plutocracy, where we have shown how a wealthy elite are controlling not only the financial system but also the political, judicial, cultural, and intellectual spheres.