Aravindan buys a house with a small compound which neighbour grandma says is a ‘haunted house.’ Wife Nalini believes it but later realizes it was a crooked move by the grandma. A writer, in search of subjective experience, becomes a beggar to write on the poor but is rebuked by them and arrested by the police for impersonation. This is a spoof on some writers who under Marxist influence insisted that ‘participant observation’ is necessary for realistic literature. Kalyani, a domestic servant, accused of a murder but left off for want of evidence, realizes that she cannot be away from the black shadow of accusation. A seasoned village midwife, a Nayar, who creates a scandal by conducting the delivery of a lowly ‘untouchable’ Pulaya woman, is disillusioned to find that her pioneering efforts in cutting across caste lines are forgotten even by the Pulaya family. In the fourth episode, a baby-selling racket is ably presented.