‘Simple’ Sankaran is a village dropout, which means he is ‘different’ from the so-called ‘normal’ people who make fun of him. Apparently, he is an early school dropout who craves for social acceptance and does all kinds of things to draw attention. In another episode, a mother tells her imbecilic son that there are four pots of gold buried underneath their house, and that will be theirs one day! The boy now tells this to land brokers and village sharks who pester him to tell his mother that she could live well if she sold her small piece of land – which she has been holding on to avoid total pauperization! Thomman, a slow learner, 15-plus, would bring in a higher dowry if he could do four years of school, says his father! And his teacher, a novice, thinks he can ‘educate’ Thomman by caning him mercilessly. Through these off-beat episodes, Kaaroor shows his wide range of social concern, his empathy for ‘non-normal people.’