A woman working in a government office regularly sees from her window a freedom fighter in a police lockup. She feels he is a visionary because his face radiates idealism and determination. She falls for him, then gives up her job, takes part in political agitations, and gets jailed, hoping to meet him somewhere as a jail mate. She does meet him – not as a jail mate but a jail staffer taking rounds! Patriotism was an excuse for the woman and the ‘patriot.’ A head-load worker who climbs up a long pole to fix his party’s flag higher than the rival party’s flag drops down dead after fixing the flag (as he was fully drunk). But his political party makes a martyr out of him! (in ‘A Martyr is Born!’). In ‘Dinner-time Politics,’ a father and son come to verbal blows as the father supports the ruling party and son the opposition. In ‘Make Me a Lunatic,’ the question is: what would have happened if Gandhiji’s assassin Nathuram Godse was let free?