This chapter outlines the final session, Session 8, of “Imagine, Create, Belong”. It is a practical chapter that sets out the activities and session process. The facilitator has created an inclusive, welcoming, non-judgemental environment for young people aged 11–15 years who are in early to mid-adolescence and who may be neuro-diverse. This session is the filming of the movie – the grand finale! In this chapter, Section A sets out the session for young people who are neuro-diverse and who attend mainstream schools and experience social difficulties. Section B sets out the session for young people with additional needs who have Intelligence Quotas of 70 or below and attend a special school. For Section B, there are two sessions across two weeks for Session 8 because more time is needed for these adolescents to process the tasks. Each session has activities in the following format: warm up activity; tuning in activity; action activity; and closure activity. As Session 8 is the final session, closure is important for this session.