the bihar kisan sabha was strongly influenced after 1934 by the Congress Socialists who had officially joined the movement in that year. Swami Sahajanand who was already moving away from a position of agrarian compromise, was confirmed in that view through this period, and by 1936 the program of the Kisan Sabha was formulated in a manifesto couched in terms of clear class demands. The nature of these demands and the manner of their presentation by the Swami, determined the character of the movement in these years. With the success of the Congress in the elections of early 1937 (achieved with the support of the Kisan Sabha), and its acceptance of office in Bihar in July of that year, the differences between the hopes and demands of the Kisan Sabha and the program of the Congress came into clear focus. These elements of development and conflict molded the Kisan Sabha in the time of its greatest strength through the middle and late years of the 1930s.