This chapter illustrates the state of blocked libido in a woman of 62 years old. Clinically this may be diagnosed as a depression. This chapter describes how the ego changes attitude and develops a relationship to the unconscious contents that become progressively more activated and how it expresses irrational but healing images through spontaneous drawings. Jung affirms that a state of depression or blocked libido can be meaningful for the individuation of the personality. The aim in this state is to lead the personality to discover other dimensions and attributes within oneself. When the outer world seems empty and meaningless the inner world takes on colour and becomes dynamic. Helping figures produce themselves spontaneously in the unconscious through dreams and active imagination. In a dream Janie eventually discovers a back room in her house that she had forgotten about, which points to a neglected potential in her personality. The image of a beautiful red bird brings her out of depression to a state of awe. The ego can now reassume a place in the world with a reduced persona but with a new perception of life. Letting go of ego aims and judgements allows the ego/self axis to realign and produce spontaneous healing.