This chapter highlights the case stories of people and organizations in banking who are doing the right thing. They include the Swedish bank Handelsbanken as well as Joe Garner, CEO of Nationwide building society, who instils leadership values into the senior employees. The chapter tells the case stories and motivations of Emmanuel de Lutzel, pioneer of the microfinance unit at BNP Paribas bank, and J S Parthibhan, a microfinance lender in the south Indian state of Tamil Nadu. The chapter tells how Professor Hiroshi Ishida in Tokyo decided to quit banking after his young daughter asked him what bankers did. And it tells the story of Sam Palk, a Wall Street hedge fund trader who decided to leave banking after realising that the enormous bonus culture was driving his addictive greed and subverting his character. Instead he founded health food enterprises in his native California. The chapter poses the question whether or not banking is safer now than at the time of the crash a decade ago. The author quotes several sources about the need for a new motivation of integrity in banking. As the Archbishop of Canterbury comments: “At the heart of good banks have to be good people.”