This chapter focuses on transformational leadership. It describes the basic task of leadership in an organization. It then describes the reasons for which leadership is needed in organizations. Thereafter, it outlines a few forms that leadership in organizations can take. No leadership, management-by-exception leadership, contingent reward leadership, and transformational leadership are briefly discussed. After that, transformational leadership is more comprehensively described, and its place in the model and its likely relationships with the outcome variables in the model – employee performance and well-being – are outlined. In the end, some of the possible options for enhancing transformational leadership in organizations are outlined. The chapter includes three exercises. At the beginning of the chapter, some work is to be done on Exercise 1 that is then used at the end of the chapter to link transformational leadership to the workplace. At the end of the chapter, Exercise 2 will facilitate self-assessment of one’s transformational leadership level and Exercise 3 will help in facilitating reflection on how to practice transformational leadership.