This chapter presents the different forms of tangible remains that can be found at the six former Soviet nuclear missile bases that have been investigated, and it presents and discusses these remains under the categories of infrastructure, structures, artifacts and other traces. Infrastructure consists of such things as the roads and bridges constructed outside and inside the bases before and during the crisis. The structures consist of the remains of buildings, trenches and launching platforms. The most notable structures are the hangars where the missile bodies were to be connected to the nuclear warheads. These prefabricated Soviet hangars, whether demolished or still standing, are remains of the crisis. Among the artifacts are different forms of military material. Other traces consists of, for instance, graffiti made by Soviet soldiers. The chapter also examines the reuse of tangible remains from the bases by people in the countryside and in the villages surrounding them, as well as the cultural life histories of some of the remains, such as the hangars.