[359/1] I said in the previous Chapter that we did not enter Laor City when we reached it, as it was already late. So next day, before the great Planet which marks the hours had shown by rising what time it was, we made our way into the City, just as the human beings whose rest was over were leaving their soft or hard [359/2] couches, as the case might be, and proceeding to quit their beloved homes. Thus we found even the streets empty and traversed them easily. On making inquiries about the Caramossora of the Franguis 1 we luckily met Father Joseph de Crasto, of the Company of Jesus. 1a He was starting out on horseback, and as he was at once recognized by my companions, I addressed him in Latin, which so astonished him that he stopped his horse. I went on in the same tongue, [360/1] saying that I brought letters for him, on which he dismounted and joined me in my cart, telling those who were with him to lead the way to his house.