This study’s concluding chapter reiterates the course of this study as well as major results, considers the democracy promotion worldview in light of the findings in the ‘global’ as well as in the case-specific analysis, and muses on its robust core as well as its adaptability. It then returns to the theoretical expectations outlined in Chapter 2 and reevaluates the findings against this background, reflecting on factors that enable the democracy promotion worldview to assert itself as well as on change-inhibiting dynamics. Particularly psychological mechanisms that, mainly on the individual level, tend to work toward the stabilization of a particular worldviews are identified as key. The findings are also put into a broader research context, and the chapter discusses how the case study on democracy promotion in Egypt relates to and fits in with existing research. In the end, implications and venues for further study are addressed, and the question of whether any substantial change of U.S. democracy promotion policy is likely to come about any time soon and, if so, from where, is discussed.