A loving soul always feels the need of solitude and silence in order to speak with her Beloved, so that she may enjoy the sweetness of a close intimacy. Hence Elvira’s soul passionately in love with Jesus always longed for the peace and silence of solitude. “I have always loved retirement,” she writes, “ever since God put in my heart the desire to be a nun. This desire of solitude is always growing within me. I am never more sad than when I am in company, and feel always happy when alone. When my mind has been distracted for many hours of a long day by worldly conversation, at the end I enjoy a sweet little rest. I am alone, I thank my Jesus, I do not go to Him, for sweet Love, He calls me to Him, so that I never feel weary even when I am allowed several hours of solitude. They cannot give me a better gift than leave me alone for an hour, for I feel how useless and vain are the things that are talked about. I am always happy in the bosom of my family with some good friends with whom I can have some cheerful Christian conversation, or with the good little girls of the congregation, when I am teaching the Catechism, and can speak freely of the love of Jesus. Afterwards, when alone, how happy I am when I can prostrate myself at my Lord’s feet, although feeling unworthy to pronounce His adorable name.”