Of 474 responding 1 (400 women, 74 men), 329 named their undergraduate colleges. The University of Pennsylvania was listed most often (18.2%), then Temple (13.4%), and Penn State (6.1 %). Eleven were undergraduates at Bryn Mawr College and nine at Haverford. Pennsylvania colleges and universities together accounted for 48.0%, and New York and New England for 25.8%. The most frequently reported field of undergraduate study was sociology (31.3%), followed by psychology (14.8%), English (8.1%), and education and child development (7.2%). Most (80.7%) spent two years at Bryn Mawr as full-time graduate students, and although about half received the master’s degree in social work within four years of the baccalaureate, the average span between degrees was 9.12 years.