Chapter 1 discusses a transpersonal approach within psychotherapy and explores some of the different meanings of spirituality and the soul. Guidance is then provided on how to explore one’s own spirituality before introducing these ideas with clients. The benefits of working spiritually with clients is discussed, which includes accessing additional, positive resources. What to do if you or your client isn’t spiritual is also covered. Heart Led Psychotherapy (HLP) is then introduced as a new spiritually informed therapy that has two working models: the first is a Heart Led (HL) model that can be used with any client regardless of their spiritual beliefs, the second is a Heart and Soul Led (HASL) model that can be used for those clients open to the concept of a soul. The key spiritual concepts underlying both models are detailed including the idea that life is seen as an individual journey on which to experience and understand life lessons such as abundance, compassion, trust, or forgiveness. In this model, challenges in life can be seen as opportunities to help an individual experience such life lessons in order to grow in self-love, honour their heart and soul and live an authenticity life.