An entrée into who burglars are and what they claim to stand for in their own terms is given by looking at the range of their expressed contempts, issues that they find irrelevant or those that they dismiss with disgust. Such a list would include the worth of money, (that is investment, savings, economics), the idea of authority, (in the form of bosses, relationships of superiority which are work derived, orders, regulation by outsiders, bureaucracy), routine existence (the eight to five routine of work), artificiality, (snobbery, hypocrisy, social climbing, keeping up with the Jones’) and politics, (as being worthless, based on self-aggrandisement and irrelevant egoism). The key concept used to cover so many of these contempts is that of ‘the wanker’ – somebody who is not involved in real issues, who will not grasp the nettle and who is living in a fantasy world. Bureaucrats, politicians, office workers and bosses are seen as ‘wankers’. Hatred of the police as a group who try and enforce the view of reality as defined by such people is a natural corollary following on from this.