Ignatius Beck, a free colored man, residing with his family in Philadelphia, was engaged about the year 1810, by a respectable-looking man, (I do not remember his name,) to accompany him to the South as his body servant; for which he agreed to pay good wages. He was provided with a good horse, and also one for his servant. Ignatius took leave of his family, and set off with his master. Nothing material occurred, till they got to North Carolina, near the line that separates that State from Virginia. Here they arrived at a tavern, on Seventh Day evening. Early the next morning, the man informed Beck that, it being the Sabbath, he should not travel on that day; and as several of the slaves belonging to the landlord were going to attend a Baptist meeting, which was to be held about seven miles off, he might accompany them, if he had an inclination to do so; provided he would be sure to return with them in the evening. Beck was much pleased with the kind proposition of his master, and went accordingly.