Chapter 10, ‘Conclusions’, concisely summarises the contribution to knowledge, methodology, policy and practice of the book. The chapter is organised into three sections. Section one reflects on the analysis and the main findings of the research project presented, and discusses the scope and some of the limitations of the study. It also attempts to explore how these limitations could be developed in new scholarship, perhaps by the readers of this book, and includes proposals for different tools and frameworks for future research. Section two presents the concluding remarks of the book. Specifically, it reflects on the theoretical framework deployed in this book and on the situation in contemporary Greece, and provides a summary of the main conclusions. Moreover, this section includes the possible implications that this book might have for education policy and future professional practice and research, and it outlines the rationale behind the proposals presented for particular policy alternatives, potential solutions or courses of policy action for education. Section three brings the book to a close with a final comment.