This chapter analyses the fifth R – Reawakening – of Sarvodaya’s 5Rs, Relief, Reconstruction, Rehabilitation, Reconciliation and Reawakening, pertaining to the spheres of Consciousness and Power of Sarvodaya’s Three-Sphere Model – Economics, Consciousness and Power. The chapter argues that the continued marginalisation of the Damniyamgama, Addapalam and Vaddavan peoples by Governmental development policy has exacerbated the social isolation and powerlessness felt by these villagers, which has resulted in a dire form of relative poverty. The cases of Damniyamgama, Addapalam and Vaddavan further demonstrate the villagers’ feeling of disconnect from their environments and the socio-economic hardships they continue to experience. The chapter draws the point that Reawakening cannot occur unless the Economic, Power and Consciousness Spheres are developed holistically and concurrently.