MoGraph is a special engine designed to generate all kinds of effects. A huge part of MoGraph is focused on Cloning. Cloning gives you the ability to mass produce objects or groups of objects instantly. MoGraph also gives you some incredible tools to create and control animation of those clones. The main tools that you will use to animate the Cloners are the Effectors. There are also some specialized MoGraph generators that allow you to break apart and animate components of your shapes. We’ve already looked at one in the PolyFx object and the other is the Fracture object. Lastly, in Release 11.5, a new Dynamics engine was added to create amazing new keyframe free animation of your Clones and special MoGraph objects. As you will see in the Dynamics chapter, the new dynamic tools have been expanded to include all objects. Before we cover the details of these numerous options, let’s look at the basics of Cloners and Effectors. Clones are made simply by subordinating an object or many objects under a Cloner. You have quite a few options as to how the number and shape of the Cloners will be created. In the following example, we look at the major options for creating Cloners, many of which are covered in detail in this chapter. Note that even more Cloner examples can be found on the DVD in the More Out of MoGraph chapter.