The syntax of Sardinian is a rather neglected area of research. Most of the available information is to be found in general surveys of the language such as Porru (1811), Spano (1840), Wagner (1951), Pittau (1972), Atzori (1982), Blasco-Ferrer (1984, 1986) and Jones (1988a). Whereas there are a number of extensive studies of other aspects of Sardinian such as lexis (cf. Wagner 1960-4), morphology (cf. Wagner 1938-9) and phonetics and phonology (cf. Wagner 1941,1984; Virdis 1978 and Contini 1985), there are no comparable studies devoted specifically to syntax. Moreover, while evidence from other Romance languages and dialects has had a profound influence on the development of syntactic theory, particularly within the generative paradigm, references to Sardinian data are conspicuous by their absence, presumably because the relevant facts are not widely known or-have not been analysed in sufficient detail for their theoretical significance to be assessed.