When they come [after us], we shall fight them.’ He then turned back. The Kitad soldiers decided to pursue him. As they drew nigh, they choked the valleys and mountains. On reaching the provincial capital, Söndeiwu, Jebe reined in [his horses] and turned back. He attacked the advancing enemy, which was growing [ever] bigger, and overcame them. Chinggis Qahan, following closely behind with the main body of [his] army, forced the Kitads to withdraw and overcame the powerful and courageous soldiers of the Jüyins of the Kitans and the Jins, slaughtering them until they were piled [like] rotten logs all the way to Chabchiyal. Jebe took the gate of Chabchiyal. Chinggis Qahan, after taking the passes and crossing them, set up camp at Shiradektür.548 He [himself] surrounded and attacked Jungdu, 549 [at the same time as] sending [his] soldiers to surround and attack various towns and cities. He sent Jebe to attack the city [of] Dongchang.550 After reaching Dungchang, Jebe was unable to mount an [effective] attack so he returned. He went to a place six days’ [journey from Dungchang],551 [so that the enemy] no longer paid attention to him. He then reined in his horses and returned. Travelling through the night, and leading extra horses, [he and his men] arrived while [the enemy] was [still] off guard and took Dungchang.552