From 1978 to 1991 Jeffrey Dahmer killed seventeen young men, mostly homosexuals, by luring them to his apartment with the promise of money for posing in nude photographs. There Dahmer plied them with drinks spiked with the sedating drug Halcion. Once asleep, he strangled them, cut them open, and had sex with the exposed body parts. He was only able to have an erection if his partner was unconscious. He kept some of the dead victims in his apartment for days, repeatedly sexually assaulting them. He boiled their skulls in hydrochloric acid, painting them for a shrine which he hoped would give him 'special powers'. The skulls aroused him, and he frequently masturbated in front of them. He ate parts of his victims after tenderizing them, responding with an erection. He explained his cannibalism by saying that he wanted his victims to come alive in him. He tried to tum some of his victims into walking zombies - sex slaves - by performing frontal lobotomies. He drilled holes in their heads and injected muriatic acid. Some died instantly but others managed to walk around for days after the operation.