Servius Sulpicius Galba met with general approbation. His rise to power marked the advent of a new lineage completely unrelated to the founder of the Empires. Hopes for the Republic had been dashed by the resistance of the Praetorian guard. Rufus declared his allegiance to his former colleague. The only place where there was fighting was Africa, where Lucius Clodius Macer ruled for a few months as a Republican governor. He was soon removed. [MH.I, 207] Galba’s regime stood on unsure foundations, however. Before he had even appeared in Rome Sabinus was demanding 7,500 denarii per guardsman, had eliminated Tigellinus and laid claim to sole command of the Guard for his lifetime. This was tantamount to a claim to mastery of Rome in hidden form. Opposed by the tribune Honoratus, however, Sabinus was already a corpse before Galba had even set foot in the city.707