A public organization for academic activities on architecture under the supervision of the Government. Main fields of work Architectural Design and Planning, Structural Engineering, Building Materials, Building Construction, Building Law, History of Architecture, Housing Technology and Policy, Architectural Environment, Architectural Education, Urban Planning, Building Safety, Prefabricated Building, Building Installation, Energy, Rural and Sea Village Planning; Computer-aided Design, Architectural Industry Standard, Structural Standard, Foundation Structure, Architectural Psychology. Total staff: 124 Director or Chief Executive President: Keun-Duck Kim (Professor of Architecture, Yonsei University, Seoul) Heads of department General Affairs: Duck-Jai, Kim (Professor of Architecture, Chungang University) Researches: Kyung-Hoi, Lee (Professor of Architecture, Yonsei University) Operations: Do-Keun, Yun (Professor of Architecture, Hongik University) Principal sources of finance Commissioned research and services (68%); membership fees (1 0%); Government subsidy (2%); Contributions (20%). Principal related bodies Korean Association of Registered Architects (an association of practising architects): Korean Institute of Architecture (an association of architects). Publications • Journal: Architecture, bi-monthly • Technical Standards: Reinforced Concrete Structure Standard; Steel

Structure Standard; Building Construction Standard Specification, etc.