Good spelling develops easily for some but, like many skills, including academic skills, it can be improved with practice and experience. To spell well, spellers need to use a combination of spelling methods, different strategies and a variety of techniques. Good spellers learn by what is known as the 'dual-route theory' according to Moats. They are able to use phonological and phonemic skills, and can segment words. Cognitive style affects learning strategies. Visual learners learn best by using their eyes, which is why they remember whole words, letter patterns, words within words, diagrams and illustrations. Auditory learners learn best by saying and hearing, and using phonemes and blends as well as breaking words into onsets and rimes and syllables. Mnemonics and memory strategies or devices can be used to help remember technical vocabulary, odd spellings and tricky parts of words. High-frequency words need to be learned in a systematic and structured way over time, using a multi-sensory approach.